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If you are considering a caravan holiday at caravan parks in NSW, then make sure to consider to get your caravan in great shape before heading to Barraba, New South Wales, Australia. Some suggest that the name Barraba means the place of the yellow-jacket trees, but most believe that it means a camp by the river. Regardless, it is a beautiful place to visit.

Preparing Your Caravan

If your caravan has been closed up for a while, start by doing the inspection and treating problems if necessary. Look in the refrigerator to make sure that it is free of mould. While you are at it, make some fresh ice so that you can enjoy a drink after your long drive. Ensure that all cabinets lock properly so that nothing falls out while you are driving down the road. Consider adding a kitchen to your camper so you can cook some food. Make sure that your tyres are in great shape as nothing spoils a trip more than a flat tyre. Check the caravan’s electrical system ensuring that it is in great working order. Hook up to the caravan to ensure that the brakes and lights work properly long before you head out to NSW camping grounds.

Why Visit Barraba

There are many reasons that Barraba makes the perfect place for a holiday. Fourteen bird paths make wonderful hiking opportunities while bird watching NSW. Birdwatchers have spotted over 190 species of birds in the area including NSW bird emblem which is the laughing kookaburra. People travel from around the globe in hopes of seeing the Regent Honeyeater. This critically endangered blue, grey and yellow bird can occasionally be spotted even in the trees along the streets in Barraba. Beckers

People on holiday may also want to check out the trails at Mt Kaputar National Park. When on holiday, drop by the Barraba Visitor Information Centre to find out more information.

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Visit the Barraba Potters and Craft Guild to view artwork by local artists. While many of the works feature local pottery, other work including quilts can often be viewed here. Groups often meet in this space to create works of art.

Stroll around the town of Barraba where many buildings date from the late 1800s and early 1900s. The courthouse was constructed in 1881. The present location of the Barraba Shopping Centre was constructed in 1900. Several older hotels in the area were constructed during that period including the Victorian Hotel, the Central Hotel and the Commercial Hotel. Pay special attention to the large clock tower that was constructed as a memorial to those who never came home during World War I.


Explore the local mines that once provided lots of employment. The Woodsreef mining site within Adams Lookout provides scenic views of the entire area. Diatomote Mine is the largest producer of diatomote soil in Australia. Three Creeks Gold Mine offers bushwalks, panning and fossicking.

Best Barraba Caravan Park

While there are many NSW caravan parks you may consider, the best place to camp in Barraba is the three-acre Barraba caravan park. This park features many drive-thru spots making it easy for campers to park their caravans. Large shade trees ensure that those caravans stay cool even on the hottest days. A large barbecue area makes meal preparation easy at this caravan park accommodation. Alternatively, use the camp ovens and the well-maintained fire pits. Do laundry at the facility on the grounds.

If you prefer not to cook, then check out the Asian restaurant in the bowling alley across the street. Relax in the evening by watching digital television. If you have friends who prefer not to stay in your caravan, then the park also has five cabins that can be rented. These cabins are fully stocked with everything and include a full kitchen.

Plan your trip now to go on holiday to Barraba. You will build memories lasting a lifetime in this friendly city that offers so much to do. Book your caravan stay and make sure that your caravan is in great shape. Enjoy hiking the trails watching for birds, exploring old mining operations and exploring the thriving art community. You will be so glad you came that you will want to come again very soon.

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